The GangTravelling monsters is a game, and you’re invited to play!

We make little toy monsters and release them into the wild, to see how far they go and what adventures they have. We hope each critter will inspire human companions (especially adults) to make time to have some fun. Sound good? Here’s how to join in.

Bus StopHave you found a monster?

It’s yours! Why not take him or her with you and find an adventure? Feel free to keep him or her as long as you like.

If you’d like to share pictures and stories of your escapades together you can use email (hello@travellingmonsters.com), twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tumblr.

HandoverWant to pass your monster on to someone else?

Please do. The aim is for the monsters to travel far and wide with whoever wants to take them.


Hanging OutWant to send your monster back out into the world?

Great! Please put him or her somewhere they can be found. If you’d like a new tag for your monster, contact me and I’ll post one to you.


On My WayWant to help me release a monster into the wild?

Brilliant! Drop me a line with your address and I’ll send you a monster to place anywhere you choose. (Geocaches might be a fun place for them to hide.) It would be lovely if you could send me a picture of your monster starting his or her journey to add to the blog.

Rainbow ToesWant to make you own monster to play along?

Yay! If you make your own creation and you’d like an embroidered label to sew on (with the website name) and a tag for your monster’s neck,  contact me and I’ll post them to you.  If you send me a pic of your monster I’ll add it to the roll call. If you’d like to tell me a little about yourself, and what you’d like to be called, I can add you to the Makers page.

Martian DoodleWant to design a monster for me to make?

Email (hello@travellingmonsters.com), tweet, FB post, Instagram or tumblr me your drawing or doodle and I’ll give it my best shot (time permitting).

Monster CareMonster looking a bit travel worn?

All of the monsters are washable.  They can be hand-washed, or you can pop your critter into a pillow case or knotted T shirt (to protect plastic eyes from getting scratched or fluffy fur getting pulled) and use a gentle 30° C cycle on the washing machine. Leave to air dry.

If your monster needs repair, you can always send him or her back to me, and I will refund you the postage. Please contact me for details.