The Makers


gorgonHi, I’m Zola and I like making things.  I had a box full of crochet critters who had been shut up for too long, and a belief that everybody (including adults) needs to play. So I decided to set up the Travelling Monsters game.

Too many of us get overwhelmed by routine and responsibilities and forget that there are things we love to do just for the hell of it.  I hope that finding one of my critters will be a nice surprise for people. I hope that the monsters and their human companions will have fun together and share stories and pictures of their adventures to inspire us all.

Each monster has a tag inviting people to take them away. On the back of each tag is a different picture showing an adventure in the UK. The world is full of amazing places and sights and things to do. I hope my monsters will travel far and wide, but I wanted to show that you don’t have to go a thousand miles from home to find something exciting. Sometimes it’s just around the corner.

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