Tootle Parp Goes to Heligan

Tatty has released Tootle Parp into the wild, or at least the controlled wilderness of the fabulous Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.

Tatty writes,

I took Tootle Parp to the Lost Gardens of Heligan today, she went climbing and exploring but when she got to the old Head Gardener’s office and spotted the flowers and warm fire, she said very firmly that that was where she intended to wait for her next adventure. In the last photo you can just spot Tootle Parp peering out the window. I left her by the flowers on the windowsill. I have to say I felt quite odd leaving her there alone!

Huge thanks to Tatty for playing, and for taking Tootle on an adventure. Here’s hoping Tootle won’t be alone for too long.


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