The Martian Chicken Takes Off

The Martian Chicken is off to London to find her name. Who better to create one for her than two wildly inventive writers,  Dave Gullen and Gaie Sebold (aka Lord and Lady Plott)?

Mr. Gullen is widely published as a short story author. You can read some of them for free here, and others in his collection, Open Waters. His near-future SF debut novel, Shopocalypse, is filled with unforgettable characters and exploding with ideas.

Ms. Sebold writes the Babylon Steel fantasy series about a sword-wielding madam with a complicated past. When you’re running a brothel in a city of many portals, some of which connect randomly to other worlds, customers and trouble come in many weird and wonderful flavours. You can get a glimpse into Babylon’s world here.

Ms. Sebold’s most recent book is a steampunk novel, Shanghai Sparrow, featuring espionage, plucky heroines, etheric science, fomidable devices, dastardly plots and the fae.

Thank you to Mr. Gullen and Ms. Sebold for playing! I look forward to seeing what name the Martian Chicken gets and what stories she sends back when she goes on her adventures.

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