Watership Down!

One of the resident creatures here at Monster HQ is the Hellbeast, and she doesn’t play well with others. She has a track record with rabbits…

The Hellbeast with Luna, my moon-gazing hare garden ornament
The Hellbeast with Luna, my moon-gazing hare garden ornament

I was preparing Watership Bunny for his travels. A moment’s inattention and the Hellbeast swiped him off my desk, and ran into the garden. She bit off his eyes, and swallowed them before I could get them out of her mouth. I am so looking forward to the poo with two plastic eyeballs gazing back at me.


The Hellbeast is fine, but poor old Watership will need a wash and some surgery.  He’ll soon be back on his feet.

If your monster needs a clean, it can be hand-washed. Or you can pop your critter into a pillow case or knotted T shirt (to protect plastic eyes from getting scratched or fluffy fur getting pulled) and use a gentle 30° C cycle on the washing machine. Leave to air dry.

If a monster medic is needed, you can always send him or her back to me, and I will refund you the postage. Please contact me for details.


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