80’s Fantasy Mashup Monster

This one was supposed to start out as a small monster suitable for hiding in a geocache, but it got away from me!

I was going to base him on Fizgig, from The Dark Crystal, (which I still adore because fantasy + Jim Henson = everlasting love).

The awesomeness that is Fizgig.
The awesomeness that is Fizgig.

So, I was thinking fluffy, small, round, with a huge mouth. I also wanted to give him a bit of a pointy nose. I tried out a different way of doing a conical snout, but it turned out more beaky. Also, I decided to make him in red because I hadn’t used it in ages, and then there was some violet eyelash yarn I couldn’t resist, and he ended up looking a bit like a Firey from Labyrinth. (More fabulous, bonkers 80’s Henson with design by Brian Froud, and David Bowie as the Goblin King.)

So I just kept going, but I went where the monster was taking me. And here he is, my 80’s fantasy mash up creation.

He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s off to visit the amazing Pia Long  (designer of Nimakim) to get one. Have fun together, you two!


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