Yeti Goes to Iceland

A while back, I started making a Yeti in a parka as a thank you present for Vala Steinsdóttir at 66°North who helped me track down the last red Snaefell parka in my size.

It’s taken me a while to crochet the Yeti’s parka, as I get intimidated when I want to get somebody else’s design “right”, and I tend to procrastinate. Finally I just plunged in, repeated the mantra, “Perfect is the enemy of complete,” and got it done.

I’ve decided the yeti is a she, too. Here she is…

The details like the buttons, hood buckle, and embroidery are out of scale. I exaggerated them because I chose them to make them seen rather than the perfect size.

The Yeti is all packaged up and she’s ready to go to Iceland** as soon as my local Post Office is open again on Monday.

– Zola

* All buttons from malyns_crafts on ebay.

** Great country for a holiday!


  1. Thank you! I can still see the faults, but I’m generally pleased with the way she turned out. I can’t claim credit for, “Perfect is the enemy of complete,”. I’ve borrowed the mantra from somewhere on the internets. I also like “I’m aiming for excellence, not perfection.”


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