Climb Every Mountain…

Bananas Bunny‘s travelling companion Seb says,

Inspired by Marmot Marv‘s recent summit of Everest without supplementary oxygen, Bananas Bunny (Bunny) has persuaded me to take him climbing various peaks in the Lake District.  He realises that his attempt is pretty pedestrian compared to his hero’s glorious conquest of the world’s highest mountain, but hopes that Marv recognises that he is an inspiration to stitched and crocheted anthropomorphic creatures everywhere.

Here’s a few photos from my fun day up Wetherlam… I was surprised by how much fun the scramble up Steel Edge was, and Bunny couldn’t resist popping across to Black Sails. Just because it was called Black Sails.

Thank you for sharing your story and the stunning photos of your climb, Seb. Dear readers, be sure to click through on the pics to see them in their full glory.

There will be more adventures from Seb and Bananas soon. They’re doing so much mountaineering, it’s hard to keep up with them! We’re sure they’ll have done the #EverestAnywhere challenge before long.

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