Harter Fell

We’re still catching up with Bananas Bunny and friends. This story is from August, when BB, Seb, FairyJo, and Meeko Marmot visited the Lake District again. Over to Seb…

Bunny managed to persuade us to go adventuring in The Lake District, climbing the East side of the Kentmere Horseshoe (which we had to abandon a few months ago due to bad weather)

To top it off, we then wild camped in a secluded gully beneath Harter Fell. We were the only human beings (and bunnies and marmots) in the area, and if it hadn’t been for all the low clouds which piled in just as it got dark we’d have had a lovely starry night with no light pollution. Oh well…

Click through on the pics below to read more of the story.

You are all very intrepid! Some of us lazier folks here at Monster HQ are quite glad to be tucked up in the lair, looking at these pictures on the sofa with the fire burning (courtesy of the hearth dragon). As always, huge thanks to Seb and FairyJo for sharing your story and photos!

And there’s still more to come from BB…

* If you’re admiring FairyJo’s nifty rainbows and unicorns headgear, pop over to White Wizard Purple Elf.

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