Meet Newtzilla

Newtzilla has been languishing in my crochet bag since I started him at a lovely social crafting session at NineWorlds 2014. I have far too many unfinished projects, which is supposed to drain creativity. So, I thought I’d start small and finish this little finger puppet off.  It felt good to get him done, and it was fun! He’ll be heading out tomorrow.

You can follow Newtzilla’s adventures here.

One comment

  1. […] WordPress informed me that the last blog post was the 100th on this site. And #100 marks the reappearance of the very first monster I sent out by putting him on a seat at a local bus stop. I remember checking for him that evening and finding him in the dark, on the ground by the bin. Feeling a bit sad and discouraged, I put him back on the seat, and was so thrilled when somebody took him, and I got an email! Good to see you again, Newtzilla. You were my tiny unfinished Nine Worlds project that started it all. […]


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