Bluetooth Paired

This is Bluetooth the Troll and he’s ready to roll. He looks a little intense, but don’t worry, he’s there to watch your back. He also has wonky feet, which is what you get when you work without a pattern and you’re absolutely convinced you’ll remember how you did it. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

He’s off to visit Fruitloop, who is a referee for the Heroes & Heroines live action roleplaying (LARP) system. Who better to deal with a monster?

LARPing involves a lot of creative disciplines: improvisation; costume and prop making; character, plot and world creation;  and problem solving to name a few.  Plus, you can cast magic, heal your party, and run around in the woods beating monsters with (LARP safe) swords and maces.

Our monsters won’t take offence, they know it’s all in good fun.

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