Monster Makers Come and Play?

My new monster in progress has a name now, courtesy of a friend and colleague. You’re looking at Bluetooth’s left leg.

Bluetooth Shakes a LegAre there are any other crocheters, knitters, sewers or sculptors out there who’d like to play the Travelling Monsters game by making a monster and setting it free? I have a little kit with some ribbon, a laminated tag and an embroidered sew-on label with the website name available, just drop me a line.

Monster KitIf you send me a picture of your critter I can add him or her to the roll call, too.  I will, of course, credit all monster makers. So let me know if you’d like to stay anonymous, or what you’d like to be called, as much or little about yourself as you want, and any of your sites you’d like linked.

Looking foward to playing with more critter creators! – Zola

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