Cobor Meets the Niziblians

Sparky and Cobor.
Sparky and Cobor.

Cobor has arrived safely in Wales at the busy and artistic home of the Niziblians: Lydia, Lann, and their children Kitty and and Tadhg (aka Tiger).

Lydia makes jewellery “with fire and hammers and things” and Lann is a calligrapher who works in the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Lydia says,

“Cobor has investigated the premises, and is currently meeting our dog Sparky (scared of everything, including blue monsters), our two cats, MeiMei and Pixel, Jubal the chameleon (who is rude to everyone), and Bobo, the crested gecko, who frankly doesn’t care about anything as long as he can stick to it (he cannot stick to Cobor).

We are all big animal lovers, and we all like monsters too.  When Tiger was tiny he had a ‘friend monster’ called Io Ion, The King of Kwansches. Us grown ups watch a lot of horror movies, but we have never found a monster under our bed. Yet.”

Thank you for taking Cobor into your home, Niziblians! We can’t wait to see what you all get up to.


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