New Design – Io Ion

Io Ion, King of the Kwansches
Io Ion, King of the Kwansches

This terrific and colourful monster is Io Ion, and he was drawn by Tadhg Niziblian when he was 4.

Io Ion has quite a story, too.

“This is the King of the Kwansches. He lives in Utopia. He is 4 metres high (about), has golden shiny teeth, a crown made of blue and white china, and yellow, soft, camouflage fur. He drinks ketchup and eats toast and sloths. He is so big, he eats sloths in one bite. Sometimes the moudly sloths’ fur make his teeth look green. He is lovely. See he is crying? Big tears? That’s because of the news I had to tell him. His daughter was 17 on 6th May, and a lion caught her, and clawed her head, and chin. She died. That’s why he cries when he sees a lion, or hears one roar. He has a castle in the forest.”

Poor monster! I want to send him out to find some friendly humans to have happier times with.

Luckily, Tadhg says I do not have to make him to scale. He goes into the making queue after Nimakim.

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