The Amazing Flying Fluffinis

Meet the amazing, acrobatic Flying Fluffinis:  Lucia (blue), Alberta (purple), and Rudolpho (red).*

Flying FluffinisThey were originally designed as juggling balls, and they each have an accordion squeaker inside, so if you catch them just right they will give out a little “eek”.**

The Fluffinis are off to stay with Karen S, who runs the Autism Puzzles charity in Wales.

Karen says the monsters can

come on all of our workshops, training, play sessions etc!

Sounds like just the job for these three! They’re on their way, Karen.

* The Fluffinis insist on a proper showbiz introduction.

** These were my first attempt at a set of juggling critters and they are only filled with stuffing, so not ideally weighted. My next try was a set of feather yarn owls (now sold). I put some plastic beads in those to make them handle better. – Zola

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