Return of the Drow

This little Drow has been languishing in my stash box for a few years, as I was never happy with the way he turned out.

Way back when I was dabbling in pottery, I made a small sculpture, just a bit more complicated than a thumb pot, that I was wild about the idea of. But when it came back from the first firing I remember the gut punch of disappointment. The made thing was nothing like the idea in my head. I was going to throw it away, but the lab tech told me, “Glaze it anyway. Finish it.” She was right. The glaze brought it to life. I’m not claiming it’s great art, but I like the result.

So for the Drow, the solution for me has been just keep going. Elaborate, decorate, fix the things I don’t like one at a time.

I started with his feet and hands.

A lot of the work on his coat was done by crocheting a foundation chain through the existing work, and using it to add new pieces. This is less bulky than crocheting a whole new layer on top*. See here for the surface crochet technique, although I used regular stitches, not slip stitch.

I added some details to his face (including a nose!) and I thickened up his hair with glow in the dark yarn using the latch hook technique.

And here he is, all done**. Of course he’s not perfect, but he’s as good as I can get him right now, and I’m happy.

* Although I had to relax my childhood rule that all toys should have removeable clothes, so I could change their outfits.

**The white fluff you can see in close up comes from some feather yarn he was in my project bag with.

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