Zola’s Languishing Drow

When I started learning amigurumi, I was gripped by a crocheting frenzy and desperate for inspiration to keep up with my making habit. After I made the monkeys, I moved on to mythical creatures.

I made a Gorgon, inspired by Ray Harryhausen’s Medusa in Clash of the Titans.

Then I made a troll. (TROOOOOOOLL!)

I have a lot of D & D-playing and larping friends (and have been known to larp myself), so I decided to raid those worlds for new creatures.  I attempted a Drow.  My interpretation, taken from time spent in Orin Rakatha, is that drow are really, really goth elves obsessed with power, schemes, family and rank, and bling.

This was the first of my amigurumi I was not at all happy with.

The others have faults, of course, but I was pleased with the way they turned out given my skill level at the time. This little chap is all out of proportion and nothing special. I meant to sew him velvet clothes, but I had crocheting mania, so it never happened. He got put away in my stash box and stayed there for years. After him, something clicked in my head and instead of representing myths, I started making up my own critters instead.

I found the Drow again while I was searching my stash to start Travelling Monsters. As I’m trying to deal with unfinished projects,  I’ve decided to fix him and set him free. He’ll be reappearing on the blog soon!

– Zola

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