Mr. Bobbles Makes a Bronze Sword

Last weekend I took my own travelling monster, Horatio Bobbles, on a bronze sword-making course. We headed off to the Bronze Age Foundry in Wales with a group of friends including Travelling Monsters hosts Seb, Fairy Jo, The Scientist, David Gullen and Gaie Sebold. Mr. Gullen has written an excellent post explaining the making process.

Bananas Bunny was supposed to be there, but he’d run away from Fairy Jo to play with one of her friends. That was probably for the best. There was a very hot furnace, an angle grinder, and lots of other power tools and sharp weapons around that I’m not sure I’d trust him with.

Mr. Bobbles is a quieter, gentler monster altogether. He was happy to help with some of the work, drink tea and supervise, and stroll around the lovely garden bursting with spring flowers while the sun was out.

Thank you to our instructors, Dave Chapman and Rob, for putting up with our quirks, and to the amazing Erica who kept us all fed in splendid style!

And finally, here’s everybody looking fearsome with their swords.


Well done, everyone! Shiny.

– Zola

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