Trouble Brewing with Bananas

Bananas Bunny has returned to his hosts, Seb and Fairy Jo, and last weekend he was let loose with brewing equipment.  Over to Seb and Jo…

Bananas Bunny is proud of his love of beer and partying, but he’s also quite the creative little chap, so he decided to commandeer Seb’s brewing apparatus for the weekend, and try his hand at home brewing, a hobby which combines his love of beer with his love of creativity.

We asked him what beer he was making, and he told us he was making “An IPA Cascade SMaSH”. We told him if he didn’t stop talking nonsense we’d take the homebrew kit off him. He sulked for a bit, and then told us it was basically a pale ale using Cascade hops.

He cordially invites you to join him in Bananas Bunny’s Brewing Bonanza.

 Bananas Bunny is VERY excited by all the cool bubbles in his airlock!

He has been a very busy bunny! We’re sure he’ll share the results of his labour when it’s ready. He does seem to like to party in company.

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