Flönj in Spain

Ed and Georgia sent us an update on Flönj the Mighty Martian Chicken’s latest adventures.  Over to Ed…

Flönj the Mighty Martian Chicken has taken a trip across the sea to Spain.

Flönj was also able to go to the beach one day. Being a Martian chicken she is used to the sun being 49 million miles further away than it is on earth so had to use her factor 50 to prevent her skin turning green. (This is why Martians are always thought to be little green men. They are actually blue but the closer exposure to the sun means that when seen on Earth they have turned green).

Sadly it rained for the rest of the week so Flönj spent the rest of the holiday indoors drinking far too much Asturian cider. To spare her embarrassment I have not sent any photos of this…

We’re sure Flönj was a model of propriety, although she has been known to enjoy a drink or two.  Thank you for the pictures, Ed and Georgia!

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