The Making of Nimakim

It took a while to make Nimakim because I made nearly every bit of him twice. When I’m making my own design for a monster, if something doesn’t quite turn out how I pictured it, I’ll often go with it and see where it takes me. (I can always have another go at my original idea next time.) When I’m working to someone else’s design, I’m much more concerned about proportions and getting it “right”.

It didn’t help that I felt I lost all my crochet mojo halfway through, and the ability to stitch anything on straight*.  I took some breaks to work on other monsters so I could keep crocheting.


Nimakim still turned out a little wonky, but that’s ok. I feel like I captured the spirit of him, and did the best I could do right now. He just needs his label, and he’s ready to go.

*I think the ME/CFS was hitting me hard at that point.


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