Bananas’ Merry Christmas

We’ve heard from Seb, Fairy Jo, and Bananas Bunny today.  BB’s hat arrived in time for the big day!

Jo says:

So Bananas Bunny unwrapped his parcel from Monster HQ this morning and was that excited and happy he ran around shouting he was Santa and climbed the tree! I can just see how the rest of today is going to go – but thank you at HQ, I think he’s happy! Merry Christmas to everyone. X X”

Seb says:

He was helping me make Christmas dinner earlier. It took me ages to persuade him the capon had to be cooked before he could carve it…

Hmm. Looks like Seb and Jo have got their hands full as usual. We recommend taking the large knife away if Bananas has been at the booze.  Or even if he hasn’t. Happy Christmas, you three!

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