The Viscount Ventures Out

Gentleman Cthulhu is staying with Duncan and Clare.

Clare says,

Although Gentleman Cthulhu arrived at our home back in early November, he’s done absolutely nothing since then because he’s been asleep. No amount of singing, dancing or ritual chanting would wake the blighter. However, he seems to have finally been roused by the smell of Duncan’s home made mince pies, whereupon he announced to us that his correct title is Viscount Cthulhu. Of course he’s a Viscount; look at that green!

Fortified with Christmas fancies, the Viscount insisted on taking us up into the Malvern hills, so he could take stock of human souls in the locality. It was a very chilly day, but he must have enjoyed himself, as he spared us all. He’s very opinionated about what activities he’ll participate in, so we’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for the update Clare and Duncan! Remember to take regular sanity checks when travelling with the Viscount. We hope we hear from you again.

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