Kinder Scout and Catbells

We’re still catching up with all of Bananas Bunny‘s adventures at Monster HQ. On the 16th and 17th July, he and his friends Seb and Jo went to the Dark Peaks and the Lake District. Their trip features mountains, waterfalls, bogs and deserted mine shafts.

Please bear in mind that Seb’s imagination has been warped by a liftime of LARPing, so you might need to take some of his captions with a pinch of salt. Over to Seb…

Jo picked this weekend’s activities since she had an unusual whole weekend off. I was a little surprised that she chose to climb Kinder Scout in the Dark Peaks on Saturday and then Catbells in the Lake District on Sunday, but never being one to argue with getting high we set off for a weekend mountaineering, with Bunny leading the way of course.


From all at Monster HQ – we’re very glad to see that you’re all still alive!

We can’t show Seb’s amazing 360° picture of Catbells summit here, but if you visit Bananas’ FB page you can take a look. (Warning – BB found something non-PG rated on one summit.)

More epic adventures with Seb, Jo and Bananas in the wilds of the English landscape are on the way.

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