Body Parts – Free Giveaway/Collaboration/Challenge

Hey fellow crocheters/knitters/stitchers, I’ve got a random collection of bits that didn’t work out in my project bag right now. Maybe my failed attempts could be your challenge or your inspiration?

Here’s Nimakim’s toes* that ended up being too big for his feet, so I opted to embroider his paws instead.

Toes? Teeny tiny monsters? It's up to you...
Toes? Teeny tiny monsters? It’s up to you…

Here’s a random animal head that was the start of a reindeer that never got finished.

Just add spikes? Antlers? Wings?
Just add spikes? Antlers? Wings?

And here’s a black oval open at one end, possibly a good body size.

Black crochet oval.
Black crochet oval.

If you would like any or all of the bits above, get in touch with your address and I will post them to you. (I’ll also pop in a TravellingMonsters embroidered label and tag in case you’d like to join in the game.)

These are all free and no strings attached (apart from the crochet yarn), but if you made something and felt like sharing pictures of your creations, we’d love to see them!

– Zola

*Yes, toes.

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