New Design – Nimakim

This magical creature is Nimakim, and he was drawn by the multi-talented Pia Long, who is an artist, freelance writer, experienced cosmetics industry professional and perfumier.

nimakimPia says…

“Nimakim is a protector of the forest and all its creatures. He’s very shy and gentle; doesn’t say much. Chews his grey fur sometimes. He only gets cross when people take more than they need. Then he changes to quite a scary monster.”

You can see more of Pia’s designs here and read her poetic writing about scent on her blog “Volatile Fiction” and at Base Notes.

Nimakim will be my next new monster make. I have couple of other projects to finish up first, and then I have to venture deep into my craft stash to find my grey eyelash yarn. Wish me luck!

– Zola


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