Festival The Tricerapangolophant

Hi everyone, I’d like to introduce Festival. My “to make” queue is very long, but my Mum requested a travelling companion to take on a trip to India, and of course, mum comes first.

Festival is ready to go!
Festival is ready to go!

He’s kind of a mashup of some of my favourite animals. So that makes him a Tricerapangolopant.

I love the colourful decoration on the elephants at the Jaipur festival! I wanted to try and recreate something of that joyfulness and vibrancy but my embroidery skills are laughable. I can get a French knot right about 1 time in 3, and when I have to switch to a point tapestry needle (instead of a rounded end) to work through tough bits of crochet I stab myself about every 5 minutes when I’m not losing the needle. All the same, I had to get my partner to give me approval to stop decorating Festival so I could send him off in time.

Mum, her friend, and Festival will be travelling to India on Friday. Have a lovely time, all! Send us some pics. x

– Zola

P.S. Find out how to do crocodile stitch here.

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